XT/PR - Thin-R Pitched Roof Board


Thin-R Pitched Roof XT/PR on sloped roofs (ventilated, hybrid or warm) provides the most efficient U-values with minimal intrusion into valuable living space. The roof construction is a critical element in the building fabric and is an area at high risk of heat loss. Using XT/PR will reduce heat loss while also delivering excellent thermal bridging details.

Warm roof construction is a particularly effective way of insulating complex roofs. Insulating above – or above and between – the roof timbers ensures that the structure is kept at or near the internal environmental conditions, reducing thermal stress and condensation risk.

  • Avoids intrusion into living area
  • Reduced risk of condensation
  • Low emissivity foil facings
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Reduced thermal bridging

Xtratherm PIR achieves an A+ rating under the BRE Green Guide.

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Product Details

In a conventional ventilated roof a 50mm clear ventilation gap should be maintained between the insulation and the roofing felt. In certain instances where a vapour permeable membrane is used instead of standard roofing felt, the ventilation gap may be dispensed with. Refer to manufacturer’s guidelines.

In a ceiling, typically fibre glass is placed between and over the joists – this hides the top of the joist and may lead to health and safety concerns when the roof space is being accessed. The thermal bridge which occurs through the joists can be addressed by placing a layer of XT/PR to the underside, before the plasterboard is fixed. Xtratherm XT/TL Drylining boards can also be used. This allows for the roof space to be accessed in a safe manner leaving the top of the joists exposed, which allows the roof space to be used for storage. Note: Alternatively, a layer of insulation – covered with chipboard – can also be placed over the joists. Xtratherm Walk-R offers a ready made solution for this application.

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