VELUX Blinds and Shutters


Original VELUX blinds and shutters go hand-in-hand with VELUX roof windows – the largest assortment of roof window blinds on the market. They guarantee you a perfect fit, a great look and long-lasting, reliable performance.

VELUX high performance, award-winning blinds are also build to last. They’re rigorously tested to ensure flawless operation and minimal fading even after years of every day use and exposure to the elements.

Whether you need light control, heat protection, a sophisticated look or a splash of colour, you are sure to find the right VELUX blind for your needs. Simply choose from the wide range of blind types and select a colour or pattern that complements your room.

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The VELUX blackout blind offers a lightproof seal for total darkness anytime. It is ideal in bedrooms, where you need complete light control to ensure a good night’s sleep or a restful nap during the day.

  • Total blackout
  • Stepless positioning
  • 36 different colours and designs
  • 12 fun and exciting designs from the Disney & VELUX Dream Collection.


DKL Manual

DKL Electric

DSL Solar

FHC Manual – Blackout Energy Blind

Disney & VELUX Goodnight Collection

Available in 12 fun and exciting designs

  • Offers both blackout or dimout
  • Stepless positioning
  • Flat and pleated cloth
  • Available in 24 colours
  • Installs in minutes with our unique Pick&Click!® system
  • Softly diffuses incoming daylight Oeko-Tex®certified

VELUX blackout energy blinds provide blackout and high insulation against cold due to the tight construction and the double pleated cloth with a built-in aluminium honeycomb structure. The insulation effect is up to 25%. Manually operated blackout energy blinds can be positioned anywhere, however the solar and electric blackout energy blinds are fixed from the top. This provides you with fully adjustable light control and privacy.

  • Blackout
  • Free positioning in the window frame
  • Double pleated cloth
  • Protects against cold from the outside
  • No visible cords
  • Installs in minutes with our unique Pick&Click!™ system
  • Available in 12 colours

FHC Manual – Blackout Energy Blind

The VELUX basic roller blind is an economical solution to soften incoming daylight and achieve privacy.

  • Glare protection
  • Stepless positioning
  • Available in 15 colours and designs

RFL Manual

RML Electric

RSL Solar

The low-maintenance, moisture-resistant VELUX Venetian blind is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. The unique design eliminates unsightly hanging cords. Simply tilt the slats in any direction to adjust the angle and amount of incoming light.

  • Privacy and light control
  • Cordless operation
  • Water resistant and easy to clean

PAL Manual

Available in a wide range of colours

The VELUX pleated blind is an elegant way to provide privacy while bathing your room in a pleasant, soft light. It can be positioned anywhere in the window to adjust the amount of incoming light and you can still enjoy a view of the outside.

  • Softly diffuses daylight
  • Flexible, stepless positioning
  • 20 different colours and designs

FHL Manual

FML Electric

The exterior VELUX awning blind blocks the sun’s rays before they hit your window pane and reduces passive heating by up to 72%*. It helps keep your room comfortable on a warm, sunny day. Awning blinds are transparent, so you can still enjoy your view.

  • Heat protection
  • Transparent fabric
  • Installs from the inside

MHL Manual

MML Electric

MSL Solar

Perfect for any climate or time of year, the exterior VELUX roller shutter prevents your room from getting too hot in the summer, keeps it warm in the winter and enables you to completely block out all light from the room at any time of the day.

  • Heat protection
  • Total blackout
  • Insulation and noise reduction

SHL Manual

SML Electric

SSL Solar

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