Roofglaze is a leading manufacturer of daylight solutions for all kinds of private and public sector applications – from standard rooflights to custom bespoke skylights.

Roofglaze works in partnership with world-leading glazing system providers, as well as manufacturing their range of Flatglass rooflights to their own design. This allows them to provide a solution to suit any specification or budget.

Why choose Flatglass rooflights?

  • 15 year warranty
  • Made-to-measure bespoke rooflights
  • Sleek, frameless appearance
  • Fully thermally-broken frame design
  • Next day delivery available on stock items
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Fully watertight and weathertight units
  • Non-fragile and Secured by Design options
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Product Details

These can provide natural ventiliation, roof access or automatic smoke ventilation.

These make a great feature for buildings with roof terraces and basements.

Ideal for providing natural daylight in linear applications.

Rooflights save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

The primary reason for including rooflights is to provide a bright, naturally-lit interior and reduce the requirement for artificial lighting. Daylight has many advantages over artificial light; not least the fact that it is a free and unlimited natural resource.

While artificial light is essential, it uses a lot of energy. Reducing its requirement dramatically lowers energy use, and the CO2 emissions resulting from this.

Daylight Flatglass
Provides a sleek and cost-effective daylighting solution.

Ventilation Flatglass
A contemporary natural ventilation and daylight for modern homes.

Access Flatglass
Natural ventilation and easy rooftop access.

Walk-on Flatglass
Creative daylighting with walk-on specification glass.

AOV Smoke Vents
Natural daylight with BS EN 12101 -2 compliance.

Bespoke Flatglass
Made-to-measure rooflights to suit your project needs.

Switches, remotes and sensors
Various switches, remotes and sensors are available for opening rooflights. For further guidance or for a quotation, please contact your local merchant.

Ritec ClearShield Eco-Glass
By their very nature rooflights and skylights can be hard to reach and clean. The ClearShield® system provides a solution to greatly reduce the need for cleaning.

Insulated Timber Upstands
Roofglaze’s range of stock timber kerbs offer a quick and easy way to install Flatglass rooflights on-site. Save time and money by getting a pre-formed, stable and thermally-efficient upstand to match your new rooflight.

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