Manufactured from high density ROCKWOOL insulation, HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Angle Fillets are designed to be installed at 90° abutments.

Perfect for where roof insulation meets an upstand, Angle Fillets smooth the transition from horizontal to vertical while fully supporting the waterproof membrane.


  • Can help to prolong the life of the waterproof membrane
  • Excellent heat resistance; ideal for torch-applied bituminous systems
  • Cost effective and easy to install
  • Single-size solution compatible with bituminous membranes and GRP systems
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Product Details

HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Angle Fillets have been designed to fully support the waterproof membrane at 90° abutments, providing a smooth transition between the horizontal and vertical interface.

This product is manufactured with an integral mineral-coated glass fibre fleece, which secures a strong bond between membrane systems.

For use with bituminous or GRP waterproofing systems in conjunction with ROCKWOOL HARDROCK® Multi-fix flat roof insulation boards.

Length (mm): 1200
Width (mm): 75
Thickness (mm): 30

When handling Angle Fillets they should be properly supported along their length.

Weather protection
Angle Fillets should be stored under cover. Angle Fillets that have become wet should be allowed to fully dry out naturally before use, at which point they should regain their original properties. For more information please contact Technical Solutions on 01656 868 490.


  • HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Angle Fillets must be installed in dry conditions.
  • With the white glass fleece facing outward, place the Angle Fillet along the 90°abutment at the interface between the horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Fix the Angle Fillet to the horizontal surface using a compatible adhesive.
  • Angle Fillets can be cut easily using a fine-tooth saw.

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