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Looking forward to an exciting 2019

2018 has been an incredible year for Roofbase as we’ve continued our expansion of merchant outlets into new areas in the UK. We’ve exciting plans for more of the same in 2019 too.

As we head towards the end of 2018, we’ve invited some of the industry’s leading manufacturers to share their predictions and news of emerging trends and new product innovations we can expect within the roofing industry during 2019. Here is a selection of their insights…


bmigroup.com  |  icopal.co.uk

“Looking to 2019, we are all challenged by the need to plan for the most uncertain year in a decade as 2019 promises to be a year of inevitable change for the UK. However, when we reflect internally – here at BMI UK & Ireland – we are excited about the changes that have been happening in our business and how this has helped us support our customers and the wider construction market.

As a combination of Icopal and Redland, BMI is the UK and Ireland’s only solutions provider and manufacturer of both flat and pitched roofing, making us uniquely placed to support any building’s needs.

BMI is a new name, backed-up with over 180 years of experience and knowledge. Bringing together the roofing expertise of industry-leading Icopal and Redland and their experience in the specification, manufacture and supply of pitched and flat roofing solutions, we’ve united to deliver excellence for our customers.

As we head into 2019 we wish for a happy and healthy year for all and we look forward to seeing how BMI can support Roofbase and their customers.”

Janine Brady
Marketing Communications Manager

Res-Tec Limited


“Res-Tec has enjoyed considerable growth in 2018, primarily following the introduction of the multi-surface GRP roofing system Flexitec 2020. This system is appealing to both users of traditional rigid fibreglass systems and liquid rubber type overlay systems. Flexitec 2020’s versatility has seen it used across the UK on anything from 3,000m2 roof overlays to domestic balconies.

As a manufacturer of liquid and GRP roofing products, we’re very much looking forward to 2019 and expect to see this sector of the roofing industry continue its strong growth. Even with the forthcoming political and economic instability that will likely follow Brexit, the ability of liquid systems to offer a cost-effective, high-performance refurbishment solution has in the past meant that liquid roofing systems are much less exposed to other building materials that are more dependent on new-build construction projects.”

James Westaway
Commercial Manager at Res-Tec Limited

Freefoam Building Products


Colour trend growing
When today’s consumers buy beautiful windows and doors they are increasingly choosing them in colour. They don’t want ‘shiny white’ fascia and soffits with their new Chartwell Greens or Anthracite Greys, they want colour to match.

As colour is now the choice for around a third of window and door purchases,  those that can provide colour roofline to match are on to a winner! Freefoam’s patented Colormax® technology will help Roofbase and its customers capitalise on this growth area. It’s one of the most technically advanced colour processes for roofline and rainwater, incorporating a unique selection of stabilisers and pigments, specially chosen for their high colourfastness. That’s reassuring when the climate is changing.

Carlisle CM Europe


“CARLISLE® Construction Materials is a leading EPDM manufacturer offering one of the widest range of waterproofing solutions.

2019 will be a very important year as we extend our current EPDM membranes range at ROOFBASE with RESITRIX hybrid membrane, an award winning product with bituminous backing.

Another great extension will be the market leading vapour barrier layer rolls – ALUTRIX® 600. ALUTRIX® vapour barriers can be walked on and are puncture-resistant, with a high tensile strength, which makes them ideal for profile steel sheets. ALUTRIX® complies with CLASS O classification.

Furthermore, we will be extending our existing HERTALAN® range with HERTALAN® Easyweld, an EPDM rubber roofing system that is especially suitable for mechanically-fixed roofing systems. It’s an EPDM single ply membrane with a joining edge for hot-air welding.

We are also introducing water based adhesives, so watch this space and contact your local Roofbase branch for more information.

In 2019, we expect the renovation market to pick up. As customers are becoming more safety aware, they’re insisting more on flame free welding so that the work can be carried out safely and quickly.

We’re also responding to customers increasing demands for eco-friendly membranes to be laid on their roofs. HERTALAN® and RESITRIX® EPDM membranes don’t release any harmful chemicals and are resistant to ozone, UV and infra-red radiation.

We offer a complete product training at CARLISLE Academy in Belper or at your nearest Roofbase branch. Ask at your local Roofbase for more details. Our technical experts also offer live product demonstrations.”

Shail Chauhan
Marketing Executive UK



“2018 has been a year of change for Edilians, the former roof tile division of Imerys. Despite UK-based roof tile manufacturers returning to a largely ex-stock position, Imerys not only managed to hold its own, but actually increased roof tile sales in the UK. Edilians has bold plans for 2019 to become a major supplier of complete clay tile roof systems and further expand its position on the UK market.”

John Mercer
Pitched Roofing Technical Consultant to Edilians



Hambleside Danelaw has been a UK manufacturer of roofing products for over 40 years. Priding ourselves on product innovation to meet market needs, 2018 marked the 21st anniversary of the original Dry Fix Valley Trough. 2018 also saw the introduction of 2 new Plain Tile Roof Vents and a new Dry Verge for Interlocking Plain Tiles.

The Danelaw brand offers all roofing ventilation products including the well-known CON6+ and related ridge and hip kits and a wide range of flashing products from Bonding Gutters® to Individual Soakers.

Looking to 2019, our focus will be on expanding our support via roof training at Roofbase merchants as well as the end-users on site. We’ll continue to develop products via the in-house design team to make sure Danelaw features the widest range of roofing products for tiles and slates across the United Kingdom

Garde Roofing Supplies Ltd

“Garde Roofing Supplies are the suppliers of the Breatheshield range. Garde believes that 2019 is likely to be an exciting year which will be best served with quality products. There are many vapour permeable underlays in our industry and it seems that the premium versions with their better mechanical properties are becoming more and more popular. This is why Breatheshield has developed a following among professional roofers. The roofing fraternity knows what it likes and the trend has been to move away from the lightest products. Breatheshield’s biggest seller seems to be Breatheshield 120 closely followed by Breatheshield 150, 160 and 160 Reinforced.

Garde expects its Ridgeshield products to continue to grow in demand, with more and more roofers turning to mechanically fixed and vented ridges. The product is currently available in a standard fabric and metal roll out but will soon be available as a completely metal version. Ridgeshield has undergone an upgrade to conform with BS8612.

A new product for early 2019 will be Flashield, an alternative to lead flashing so look out in your local Roofbase for this product’s arrival.

So whatever the challenges 2019 brings Roofbase and Garde, we aim to continue supplying quality products at the best prices.”

Gareth Player-Jones



“Customers looking for FAA fire safety ratings in their roofing products can still only find this level of reassurance and protection in the market from Stronghold. We continue to put safety and reliability at the forefront of our product development and look forward to continuing to do so throughout 2019.

Following the adverse weather and storms of 2016, which resulted in uncertainty of prices for roofing products for quite some time, 2018 saw a return to more stable and predictable market conditions.

2019 looks set to continue along this trend despite the uncertainty of Brexit. One thing we can’t predict however is the impact on currency fluctuations on the cost of some imported goods, should a ‘bad’ Brexit occur. We will be monitoring events closely so we can continue to offer our range of products at highly competitive prices.”

Mike Frost
Managing Director




“The ongoing demand for high quality new homes across the UK will continue to be a huge opportunity for the roofing sector in 2019. This year has also seen the introduction of the much welcomed dry fix standard, BS 8612 which has put renewed focus on the quality of dry fix systems.

With further updates to BS 8612 expected in 2019, alongside a full review of BS 5534 and BS 8006: workmanship on sites, next year the spotlight will continue to fall on the security of the whole roof. As such, we are anticipating more demand from contractors for our full pitched roof systems because of the benefits of guaranteed compatibility and compliance, alongside a 15 year warranty.”

Emily Dix
Marketing Executive


At Roofbase, we love to keep up to date with the latest product innovations and are proud to have such close and supportive relationships with our suppliers. It allows us to provide you with the most ground breaking products available, offering the ultimate in ease of application and durability. In turn you can provide the widest choice of roofing tiles and accessories to meet the increasingly discerning needs of your customers.

Stay tuned to our regular news and updates for details of product training and demonstrations throughout 2019. We’re here to keep you up to date with all that’s new in the industry so you can provide the best possible products and service to your customers.

We hope you have a very happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you again in the New Year. Sending you warm wishes from all of us at Roofbase.

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