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Introducing the TNi Bituminous Vented Overlay System

Where there is a higher risk of condensation within a roofing structure, TNi’s Vented Overlay System is perfect for the job. It is particularly suited for use on retrofit and refurbishment projects, providing a durable waterproofing solution that effectively extends the life of the existing roof. 

TNi’s Vented Overlay System features Sprayfix Universal primer followed by the application of TECHNOELAST K-TMS 170/3400, a specially formulated torch-applied venting layer. This product includes stripe technology on its underside, specifically designed to achieve partial bonding to the substrate, allowing any trapped moisture to dissipate in all directions thus preventing blistering build up. To complete the system TECHNOELAST SBS EKP is torch applied as the capsheet waterproofing layer, providing excellent fire protection properties, low temperature flexibility and high temperature stability.

In detailing areas, TECHNOELAST SBS EPP Underlay and TECHNOELAST SBS EKP Capsheet are recommended to the complete the roofing application.

The finished TNi Vented Overlay System is supplied with a 20 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee.

We stock the full range of TNi Bituminous Roofing Systems – just contact your local branch for more details.

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