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Introducing LOGICROOF PVC Roofing Systems

Buildings are more than just walls and roofs. They’re the cradle that supports our lives and the things we care about. That’s why it’s important to protect them with quality waterproofing membranes and, with this in mind, LOGICROOF PVC Roofing Membranes will not let you down.

Developed by TN International, a global leader in roofing, waterproofing and insulation materials, LOGICROOF PVC membranes feature state-of-the-art formulations and are designed for long-term waterproofing of buildings and structures. They are contemporary, reliable and durable membranes produced using the latest co-extrusion technology – this ensures material uniformity and is currently the best on the market.

What Systems are Available?

  • LOGICROOF is typically installed as either a mechanically fixed system or an adhered (glued) system. The choice will depend on a number of factors such as the substrate, the size of the roof and the location of the project. Look out for the further articles on each of these systems or speak to a member of the Roofbase team for more guidance.

So Why Choose LOGICROOF?

Put simply, LOGICROOF Systems offer important benefits for both the installing contractor and the client:

  • For roofing contractors, LOGICROOF systems offer simple, rapid installation all year round. LOGICROOF membranes are engineered so that they can be welded in the most demanding of conditions. 
  • For clients, LOGICROOF provides a watertight roof with a long service life and trouble-free maintenance. The systems are also BBA Approved and are independently tested to achieve the Broof Test 4 fire classification.

What Benefits Do LOGICROOF PVC Membranes Offer?

  • Durability – LOGICROOF membranes have a 200-?m special protective top layer with highly concentrated stabilizers, which block UV radiation that can harm the structure of the polymer.
  • Fire-Safe – The special compound used in each layer of the membrane contains different types of high-quality flame retardants and fireproof filling. This slows oxidation at high temperatures and prevents the membrane from burning when unexpectedly exposed to sources of ignition.
  • Consistent Quality – LOGICROOF membranes are produced from virgin polymers. This provides the membranes with the highest stability.
  • Installation Time – Installation can be carried out all year round in a wide range of temperatures.
  • Protective Packaging – Every roll of LOGICROOF membrane is protected in individual UV- and contamination-resistant PE packaging.

Key Components of LOGICROOF Systems:

Roofing Membranes:

Logicroof V-RPLogicRoof V-RP is a PVC membrane reinforced with a special polyester mesh, ideal for mechanically fixed installations.

LogicRoof V-GR FB
LogicRoof V-GR FB is a glass-fibre reinforced PVC membrane with a special laminated geotextile fleece under layer, ideal for adhered applications.

LogicRoof V-SRLogicRoof V-SR is a unreinforced PVC membrane with high elasticity. Ideal for use in roof detailing areas and for waterproofing various joints.

Vapour Control Layer:

Technoelast VB 500 VCLTechnoelast VB 500 VCL is a self-adhesive bituminous vapour control layer with an integrated aluminium foil layer and glass fibre reinforcement.

Primers & Adhesives:

technonicol sprayfix pu insulation

Sprayfix Universal Primer

Spray-applied primer, specifically designed for use with self-adhesive bituminous roofing membranes.

Sprayfix PU Insulation Adhesive 

Spray-applied, polyurethane foam adhesive designed specifically for bonding insulation boards in flat roof applications.

LOGICROOF PCV Membrane Adhesive 

A choice of spray-applied or traditional adhesives for bonding fleece-backed membranes to PIR insulation boards.

LOGICROOF PCV Contact Adhesive 

A choice of spray-applied or traditional adhesives for bonding PVC membranes to various surfaces. Ideal for detail work, such as upstands, roof edges and junctions.


We also stock a wide range of additional accessories, such as thermal insulation, fixings, clamps and much more – just contact your local branch for more details.

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