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Insulation Specialists

Roofbase is here to provide impartial FREE advice and expertise to help you choose the best material for all your roofing projects.

Meet Nicki Brodie and Allan Dewfield, our Insulation Specialists, appointed specifically to provide you with independent expert advice on insulation products from many different manufacturers. They're here to offer technical advice on U values and system alternatives and will update you on current product availability so your project can stay on time and on budget without compromising on insulation.

No matter how small your enquiry or the issues you're facing with roofing insulation, our specialists understand your challenges. We're here to work alongside you and your business to help keep your projects on track.



Did you know there is currently a national shortage of cladding roll?

At Roofbase Cardiff, we’ve taken extra measures to ensure we have enough in stock for our customers to complete their roofing projects on time.

Our Superglass Cladding Mat 40 is a resilient, medium dense and non-combustible glass mineral wool insulation roll with exceptional durability and high tear strength. The roll is supplied 1200mm wide to allow quick installation and minimum on-site cutting and waste.

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Nicki Brodie

Nicki Brodie

Insulation specialist with experience and excellent customer service

“I have over 15 years’ experience in the insulation distribution market, working with all the key manufacturers in the industry, specialising in roofing and cladding. My attention to detail helps me from enquiry stage right through to delivery on-site and I have plenty of experience project tracking with both main contractors and sub contractors. I’m looking forward to dealing with customers old and new, making sure they receive excellent customer service.”
Nicki Brodie
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07912 211452

Allan Dewfield

Allan Dewfield

Insulation specialist with in depth knowledge and experience

“I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years, starting life as a bricklayer (City & Guilds). I have spent the last three and a half years at ROCKWOOL working with end users, distribution and system holders (waterproofing companies). I'm delighted to have joined Roofbase as an insulation specialist for independent traders where I know I can put my in depth knowledge and expertise to good use, helping customers make the right choices.”
Allan Dewfield
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07841 015773

We work with the following insulation manufacturers:

Tapered Plus
Dt Adhesives