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Edilians relaunches its UK YouTube roofing systems channel

Last year Edilians launched its new YouTube channel for its information and installation video guides. Now all the current videos have been relaunched with a new Edilians animation intro and fresh branding.

Consequently, there are new YouTube links to the videos, as follows: –

Leeds College of Building

This video was filmed at Leeds College of Building (LCB) and features our Northern Area Sales & Specification Manager, Pip Snaith, giving a presentation to roofing students. He later spent time with the students in the LCB practical training area. Edilians offers training and presentations on the history of clay roof tiling up to the present day ‘hi-tech’ methods of clay tile production, as well as a range of subjects such as current British Standards and how they relate to pitched roofing.

How to install a waterproof underlay layer

It is a basic requirement of BS 5534 that the underlay layer in a pitched roof construction be waterproof. As the industry has switched from traditional bituminous underlays to modern, lightweight breathable types, this change in material has introduced a greater risk of waterproofing problems, particularly at low roof pitches. Vapour-permeable underlays are great, alongside traditional ventilation, in preventing harmful roof space condensation, but they do not seal quite so well where the tile battens are nailed through into the rafters. Also, lightweight underlay can be difficult to drape between rafters, meaning that any water that does get into the batten cavity can become trapped behind the battens and then leak through the nail holes.

This very popular video explains how to design and install a waterproof underlay layer in a simple and cost-effective way. It is particularly relevant for low pitch domestic extension roofs which often have roof windows and sometimes water run-off from high roof slopes, though this is considered to be bad practice. Our recommendation is to follow this guidance on any roof pitch of 22 degrees and below.

Edilians 710 Interlocking clay angle ridge installation guide

The Edilians 710 clay angle ridge is fully interlocking, making the 710 dry fix ridge and hip system extremely quick and easy to install and does away with any form of joint or union to seal between each ridge. A simple clip and screw, fixed into the ridge batten through a pre-drilled hole in the ridge interlock, secures both ends of each ridge. This video installation guides shows just how easy it is to fit the 710 ridge and hip system.

Edilians Ornamental clay ridge installation guide

Edilians Ornamental clay ridges are the ultimate in speed and simplicity of installation. They have interlocking ends to weatherproof the junction between each ridge tile and are secured very simply using screws through pre-pressed holes; no clips or joints are required. The nail holes are manufactured blind and under normal circumstances each ridge is secured using the hole closest to the interlock, leaving the other hole sealed. At hip ends, abutments, gable ends and sites in high exposure areas, the ridges should be twice screwed.

John Mercer: May 2019

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