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Edilians Beauvoise Interlocking Clay Plain Tile – The Ideal Choice

Beauvoise Interlocking Clay Plain Tile

The Edilians Beauvoise interlocking clay plain tile is an ideal alternative where cost or roof pitch prohibits the use of traditional plain tiles.  Its unique design reduces material and labour costs plus giving over 50% savings in battens and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.  With a coverage of only 20.5 tiles per m2 and nominal batten gauge of 245mm, Beauvoise offers a significant saving in laid weight of around 45kg/m2, compared to traditional clay plain tiles at around 60 kg/m2. 

Beauvoise clay plain tiles are available in four, rich variegated colours; Burnt Red, Terre de Beauce, Vall de Chevreuse and Slate

Permanent colours and accuracy

Being produced from clay, Beauvoise will keep its rich colours for the life of the tile and will never fade.  In terms of durability and longevity, clay roof tiles compare very favourably with other, natural products, such as natural slate.  Beauvoise fully complies with the requirements of BS EN 1304: the European Standard for clay roof tiles and can be expected to last in excess of 100 years, which is why there is a thriving market in the UK for second hand clay tiles. 

In recent years, many advances have been made in clay tile technology; Beauvoise clay plain tiles are pressed, then dried and fired fully supported on individual ceramic cassettes, giving far greater accuracy in the shape and dimensions of the fired tiles.  Kiln temperatures are carefully controlled, without variations throughout areas of the kiln, enabling far greater control over quality and long-term durability. 

Beauvoise clay plain tiles can be laid on roof pitches as low as 22.5 degrees and each tile has two blind nail holes, which, depending on the calculated fixing specification, can reduce the need for clips and means the fixing of cut tiles is much easier when installing at hips and valleys or around abutments such as roof windows and chimneys; particularly important now that BS 5534; the British Standard Code of practice for slating and tiling, requires that each perimeter tile be twice fixed.

Beauvoise Interlocking Clay Plain TileBeauvoise Graphite range

The Edilians Beauvoise Graphite clay tile is based on the Beauvoise design but with the addition of a riven surface and is an ideal choice as an alternative to natural slate, particularly where install time and cost are important considerations.  By specifying a clay product, the designer and roofer can be safe in the knowledge that the life expectancy of the roof tiles is at least equal to slate and the surface colour will remain for the life of the product; again, just like slate.  The manufacturing process of Graphite enables aesthetic features such as riven lower and side edges, as well as the riven pattern on the top surfaces to emulate natural slate.  A coloured ‘engobe’ is applied to the tile surface before firing, producing a strong vitrified, hard-wearing and permanent surface finish. 

Beauvoise Graphite tiles will enable a significant saving in both cost and install time over natural slate and, for many projects, will even offer favourable comparable cost alternatives to fibre cement slates.

Fittings and accessories

There is an impressive range of fittings and accessories available with Beauvoise and Graphite.  Tile-and-half tiles and half tiles are available to aid setting out at verges and side abutments.  Cloaked verge tiles are available for Beauvoise in half tile and tile widths, so the roofer can choose whichever works out best to start and end with to achieve the correct overhang at gable walls.  Independent cloaks are available for Graphite which can be fixed to a fascia or timber at the gable wall.  Using tile-and-half tiles for cutting into hips and valleys ensures that the cut pieces are large enough to mechanically fix; this is particularly important at lower roof pitches. 

Standard tiles are used at eaves and ridges, rather than having to install special tiles.  At side abutments, the junction can be weathered by installing a lead or lead replacement secret gutter or, alternatively, a pre-formed GRP continuous soaker.  These can be installed stand alone, or, as is more common, in conjunction with a cover flashing.  An ‘In-line’ ventilator is available; tile, eaves and verge clips complete the Beauvoise plain tile and Graphite range.

Beauvoise Interlocking Clay Plain TileRidges and hips

The client has a choice of ridge profiles, including half round and angled, both available either capped interlocking or plain ended.  Ridge and hip tiles can be installed using dry fix systems or mortar bedded and there are matching ridge and hip end tiles.  Note, if mortar bedding, BS 5534 requires that each ridge and hip tile be also mechanically fixed by clipping and/or screwing to the ridge or hip timber.

Beauvoise and Graphite offer two great clay alternatives to plain tiles and slate with considerable cost savings.

John Mercer: January 2019

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