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Dive a little deeper into the innovative PVC X-Wood Cladding by Freefoam

Roofbase has partnered with Freefoam, a specialist provider of uPVC fascia and soffit products, to explore their time saving, maintenance free innovative X-Wood cladding, manufactured with a combination of three different layers of PVC with its own distinct high performance characteristics.

As a proud supplier of Freefoam’s uPVC fascia & soffit products throughout our network of local merchants, we’ve put Freefoam under the microscope in this week’s manufacture insights asking key questions about their X-Wood cladding to inform roofing and building contractors.

Describe Freefoam in one sentence:

Freefoam is a leading manufacturer of PVC-U and PVC-UE building products including a wide range of fascia, soffit, rainwater systems, external cladding and interior decorative panelling.

Can you provide any interesting facts from 2018?

In 2018 Freefoam produced enough Hollow Soffit to reach from Northampton to Preston! (129miles)

What makes Freefoam X-Wood cladding unique from any market alternatives?

The majority of foiled woodgrain effect cladding products are 10mm thick. X-Wood is a high density 16mm thick board with a Premium Woodgrain Foil. Coupled with a range of high-end aluminium trims this makes X-Wood unique in the marketplace.

Why choose PVC X-Wood over traditional wooden cladding?

PVC X-Wood cladding offers an ultra-low maintenance cladding option. No costly and time-consuming repainting and maintenance like wood cladding. X-Wood cladding just needs a gentle wipe down with water to keep it looking good for at least 10 years.

What colour & wood effect options are available for X-Wood cladding?

X-Wood cladding features an attractive ‘foiled’ woodgrain finish. Available in a choice of six colours: White, Cream, Greyed Cedar, Oak, Wine Red & Anthracite Grey.

Does X-Wood cladding age or change in appearance over time?

The woodgrain effect is achieved with a superior market leading Renolit colour film. Renolit guarantees the colour will not change or fade for ten years. We simply pass this guarantee on to the homeowner.

What is the real benefit in using X-Wood cladding?

The real benefit of X-Wood cladding is the high-quality attractive finish that requires very little maintenance. It is the ultimate fit and forget product.

What are the long term money savings that can be made by using X-Wood cladding?

Ongoing maintenance can be very costly. Over the long term X-Wood cladding gives excellent lifetime cost savings. No expensive repainting and repairing.

Can X-Wood cladding be used on all building types?

Yes, X-Wood cladding can be used anywhere where wood might traditionally be used. Ideal for replacing any wood exterior facades, gable ends and dormers. Perfect for new build projects, renovations or home improvement projects.

X-Wood is easy and straightforward to fit. Freefoam provides comprehensive fitting instructions to guide any fitter through the process. You don’t need to be an approved installer and can fit with any standard joinery tools.

Is installation the same regardless of the building type?

Yes X-Wood is fitted the same for any building type. It is very easy to fit with a range of high-quality aluminium fitting trims designed to give a professional finish on any situation.

How much maintenance does X-Wood cladding require?

X-Wood requires minimal maintenance. We recommend a wash down with warm soapy water or using a pressure washer. No special solutions are needed to keep X-Wood looking good.

How many years will X-Wood cladding last?

We guarantee X-Wood cladding for ten years.

Need technical advice, a quotation or up-to-date product availability on our X-Wood cladding range? Contact your local merchant where our experienced team will provide on-the-job advice to support your roofing projects.

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